Thursday, 13 November 2008

First post!

Hi, this is my first ever blog! I'm planning to put some of my wildlife photos on here for people to have a look at. Still practicing at the moment really, but some of them haven't come out too bad!
Got a few pictures of mine and Jase's first open water dive too, so will get them up as well. We haven't been in the sea yet, but are hoping to go to Tenerife with the group in February.

We've just got back from a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon where we saw Hamlet. David Tennant played the leading role and was superb! Patrick Stewart was also brilliant as Claudius. Jase was quite impressed as we not only had Dr. Who on stage, but the Captain of the Starship Enterprise too!!


Unicorn said...

Hi Katy (it's Mum!)

What a good start, well done, it IS interesting! I reckon you WILL be a falconer one day! X

Tony said...

Hi Katy, it's Tony, I like the blog, I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely photographs.